Walkable floor maps

01-12-2021 / hannes.schwaiger

Walkable floor maps in REGREEN

Walkable floor maps consist of aerial photos / satellite images and, as such, present a static view of a study area. These maps become dynamic through the use of QR codes that tell stories about present and planned activities with respect to NBS. Such QR codes can be easily attached to the floor maps and renewed in an ongoing dynamic process. Combining static information on land cover or land surface at a detailed scale with dynamic QR codes on NBS projects supports the spatial understanding of scientists and other actors. By facilitating dialogue, walkable floor maps may serve as catalysts for various kinds of collaboration.

In REGREEN, we use walkable floor maps to enhance spatial perception and contextual understanding, i.e., a learning approach that synthesises more outputs in the REGREEN project. We provide guidance on how to work with walkable floor maps as tools for exploring possible ways forward as well as conflicts when meeting with various groups on the maps. Additionally, the maps may serve as an experimental policy approach and may support co-creation.

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