17-12-2021 / hannes.schwaiger


By Stine Casparij Kondrup, INTUGREEN


REGREEN will be launching the educational platform ‘Greenopolis’ in the beginning of 2022.

In Greenopolis, we follow the character e-Boti in its exploration of solutions to fight the consequences of climate challenges, like: loss of biodiversity, noise pollution, heat islands, flooding, and air pollution.

Greenopolis is an interactive educational material about sustainable urban development and nature-based solutions. Greenopolis is developed for school kids aged 8-12. The educational material includes a digital platform and a set of exercises to be used outside in urban nature.

The digital platform is playfully illustrated as an e-book, that pupils can read by themselves or teachers can show in the classroom.

The exercises are categorised in 4 different types: 1) Reflexions, 2) Movement & Senses, 3) Box of Creation, and 4) Exploration.

The Teacher Guide gives the teacher some background knowledge about the topics, and a guide to how to use the material and exercises.

Greenopolis will be launched in English, Danish, and French.