Urban Eco-explorer App

22-11-2022 / hannes.schwaiger

Urban Eco-explorer App from REGREEN 

By Wanben WU, Fudan University, and Ellen Banzhaf, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ, 22.11 2022

The collaboration between Fudan University team in China and Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research — UFZ in Germany has led to a product oriented web app.

This visualization tool is named Urban Eco-explorer for NBS. The platform is easy to use and users do not need to have specialist visualization knowledge to access the basic eco-spatial data. On this app, various outputs from the REGREEN projects in Europe and China are demonstrated.

The platform covers results from each of the REGREEN Urban Living Labs (ULLs) from Europe: Aarhus, Paris region and Velika Gorica – and China: Beijing, Shanghai and Ningbo. The app can always be fed with more outputs and is an ongoing living platform. It provides access to:

  • multi-scale land cover/use data
  • selected ecosystem service products
  • urban development under various ecosystems

The outcomes will be updated continuously.

The platform Urban Eco-explorer for NBS also provides a richer and more interactive experience for users with different information vehicles such as images, tables and links.

In a later phase of the design, we plan to use the app with additional add ons, e.g. an online floor map module, access and experience of nature and its differences in cities through questionnaires and map interactions as well as educational tools.

The app can be accessed here.