Participants of the Aarhus Trip

27-04-2023 / hannes.schwaiger

Nature-based Solutions in the field: a journey to the Aarhus ULL

As October’s project meeting drew to a close, Aarhus municipality led an informative field tour around several key sites, showcasing different interpretations and implementations of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS). From the wide expanse of the restored lake, Årslev Engsø, to the urban ponds in the heart of the city, seeing NBS in action at all kinds of scales was truly inspiring.

As Urban Living Labs, the cities in the REGREEN project, including Aarhus, provide examples of the wide range of applications of NBS approaches in different settings. The sites visited in Aarhus cover diverse visual designs and presentations, ranging from what may be described “ultra-urban” (see: Godsbanen) to “nature reserve” (see: Årslev Engsø). In addition, they present a range of societal co-benefits, including encouraging social cohesion (see: Åbyhøj), and improving mental health (see: Søbakke skov badeskov).

These case studies provide an inspiring range of examples, helping demonstrate what’s possible with NBS. You can read about the stories of all three sites here.