Nature-Based Solutions Education Network (NBS EduWORLD)

26-04-2023 / hannes.schwaiger


The launch of the Nature-Based Solutions Education Network (NBS EduWORLD) project under Horizon Europe is an exciting development for researchers, educators, practitioners, and even sports community members who are passionate about creating engaging educational resources that focus on the environmental, social, and professional benefits of NBS.

The purpose of EduWORLD matches perfectly with an important part of REGREEN activities, also focusing on education and the connection between nature-based solutions and education.

The NBS EduWORLD project seeks to foster collaboration among individuals and organizations from various fields to develop educational resources and to create a vibrant network committed to promoting sustainable practices. The project also aims to equip educators at all levels, from primary schools to universities, with the resources they need to teach students about the importance of NBS and their potential benefits.

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