21-10-2020 / hannes.schwaiger

How to cope with data gaps in REGREEN? Successful application of ESA third party mission data access

By Julius Knopp (UFZ, Germany)

Since no high resolution imageries exist for Croatia, the ULL Velika Gorica could not provide us with such remote sensing data. In REGREEN, we will carry out refined scale mapping for each European ULL to shed light to mapping and modelling ecosystem services. At UFZ, we undertook the effort to find adequate data by our successful project application at ESA (European Space Agency). In addition, the team at UFZ Leipzig is in close contact with the partners at the ULL Velika Gorica who appreciate the acquisition of high resolution World View 3 imagery. We can now analyse these imageries via ESA third party mission data access. This access is granted under the proposal N° 60776 titled “Fostering nature-based solutions for smart, green and healthy urban transitions in Europe and China (REGREEN)”. The dataset will work as a surrogate for digital orthophotos, even expanding the spectral characteristics of the dataset. Although ESA regulates the area covered by these remotely sensed data,  we could obtain  a multi-temporal dataset  due to the limited area covered by Velika Gorica. For this reason, we are now in the comfortable situation to provide information at two different phenological stages: one situation from August 2016 and another one from November 2017. Thus we can now close the data gap for our ULL Velika Gorica, analyse and publish in the project, with acknowledgement to ESA and the satellite data provider.