Nature Based Solutions in the field: a journey to the Velika Gorica

27-04-2023 / hannes.schwaiger

Nature Based Solutions in the field: a journey to the Velika Gorica ULL

The City of Velika Gorica is the smallest of six cities in the REGREEN project, but the sixth largest in Croatia. It has a strong history and culture that nourishes and respects the nature and heritage of green urban planning from the previous political systems. But with passing time and closeness to the main city of Zagreb, Velika Gorica is exposed to fast urbanization caused by rapid population and traffic growth, economic and business development, leaving little to no space for nature in the city center and suburban areas. To address occurring challenges the city joined the colorful REGREEN consortium to find and redefine the city development path that offers high-quality life for its dwellers in balance with nature.

City tour snapshot; visit to central park Franjo Tuđman (credit: Regreen partners)

On sunny days of May 2022, the REGREEN partners were introduced to the NSB in the city center to discuss how the city manages, plans and develops nature-based solutions. Having a walk and talk tour by city department for nature conservation the partners encountered both grey, green and blue areas of the city to evoke conversations and exchange experiences in other cities, but also to inspire specialist point of view.


The main observation of REGREEN partners was:

“The city of Velika Gorica is already very green and let’s find a way to keep it that way! “

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