Screenshot of the first factsheet page

07-07-2021 / hannes.schwaiger

REGREEN FACTSHEETS are now available and ready to download!

The 13 factsheets provide an overview of REGREEN’s journey in terms of processes, outputs and milestones and show inspiring examples of NBS from cities around Europe to serve as a reference on NBS planning and implementation across REGREEN’s activities. They are aimed to emphasise good practices, barriers and lessons learned and cover the following topics: Biodiversity, Governance, Health and Wellbeing, Education, Water Quality Improvement, Flood Mitigation, Noise Mitigation, Heat Mitigation, Air Quality Improvement, Business Activation and Urban Design Elements.

Each single fact sheet is linked in chapter “RESOURCES/FACTSHEETS” of the REGREEN website or can be downloaded directly by using the interactive document below.