Walkable Floor Maps design

06-02-2024 / hannes.schwaiger

Two guideline booklets on Interactive Walkable Floor Maps (IWFs) are now accessible online

by Sebastian Elze, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research GmbH – UFZ and Jeppe Læssøe, Jeplae Consulting

Within the REGREEN project, several Interactive Walkable Floor Maps (IWF) have been produced over time in collaboration with researchers from various fields and have been used in schools and for policy workshops. The IWFs are several square metres in size and are made of robust material that can be walked around on. These maps serve as a meeting place to scaffold the transition towards the adoption of NBS in cities. In order to ensure that work with the IWFs and their creation continues beyond the duration of the project and to make information easily accessible and barrier-free, two booklets have been published online for consultation.

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