06-02-2024 / hannes.schwaiger

Report: Urban living labs – Knowledge co-creation processes within the ULLs

by Åsa Ode Sang, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU

With REGREEN the six Urban Living Labs (ULLs) provided a central role in the project as an arena for co-creation of knowledge involving local citizens, schools, businesses, organisations and public administrations. The three ULLs in Europe were Aarhus, Paris Region and Velika Gorica these were represented by a local public organisation, for Aarhus and Velika Gorica this was the municipality and for the Paris Region the public organisation was the think-tank Institut Paris Region. The three Chinese ULLs (Beijing, Shanghai and Ningbo) were represented by the universities and hence the interaction processes and involvement of public stakeholders and citizens were more limited. Within the project the ULLs has been the testbed, where generic tools will be used to bring together the scientific results, new ideas and methods from the other project activities, and apply them in practise with citizens, urban planners, local businesses and other stakeholders. The aim of the project was that this would result in novel approaches, methods and tools that could be integrated into decision support systems, guidelines and standards for developing and deploying urban NBS at a systemic and strategic level. The ULLs were aimed to be the anchor for learning among scientists, urban planners and stakeholders through workshops, study tours, hand-on products (e.g., knowledge catalogues), and digital platforms.

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