Walkable floormaps in Velika Gorica ULL on display in the tourist information centre

26-04-2023 / hannes.schwaiger

REGREEN’s Walkable Floormaps in different European ULLs


Floormaps have become an important tool for training and awareness raising among children and in the educational setting. In addition, the floormaps have shown great potential in governance.

In spring 2022 and in collaboration with ULL Aarhus and ULL Velika Gorica , four floormaps were created by UFZ with inputs from the City of Aarhus departements for Aarhus ULL.

During five workshops with public policy makers and planners, the floormaps and associated processes were examined and developed to adapt the floormap format to local governance.

Two floormaps of Velika Gorica municipality were presented at the tourist infomation centre as part of the 6th REGREEN internal meeting in May 2022, and later at a public event in the townhall of the ULL.

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