Credit: Paris Region Institute

03-05-2023 / hannes.schwaiger

Technical day: renaturing cities

As part of the REGREEN project, IPR organised an online technical day dedicated to the renaturation of cities on 31 January 2023 to accompany the release of its guide “Renaturating cities: methods, examples and recommendations”.

The renaturation of cities is a major challenge, whether it is to implement a strategy of zero net artificialisation on its territory or, more broadly, to make our urban spaces more resilient, more biodiverse and more pleasant to live in. Cities are full of areas that are unnecessarily paved with asphalt or concrete and where nature could regain its rights, but many questions remain to be answered: what knowledge and techniques should be used to implement renaturation projects? How can sectors with high renaturation potential be located? Which case studies are available?

Credit: Paris Region Institute

Find the replay of the day and the speakers’ presentations in this article – here