Nature Solutions Platform

The REGREEN Nature Solutions Platform offers an innovative view of Nature-Based Solutions
(NBS) and REGREEN activities. The platform shares insights, knowledge, and experience on
NBS to SMEs, NGOs, cities, schools, and other interested communities, notably:

  • What are nature-based solutions?
  • How are nature-based solutions implemented?
  • Why do we need nature-based solutions now more than ever?

The Nature Solutions Platform is also an online crowd-funding site where NBS owners can
gain insights on crowdfunding and connect to possibilities of funding for their NBS. Citizens can
get inspiration from existing NBS projects to invest and support the implementation of more
Nature-based Solutions.

Nature Solutions Platform will have an online decision support tool. This functionality will
enable decision-making needed to implement NBS solutions with an outlook on REGREENs
activities, and taking into account various dimensions of NBS (technology, socio-cultural,
political, institutional, educational, economic, and business).

The platform is a standalone development of the REGREEN project and will continue after the
end of REGREEN in September 2023.

Nature Solutions Highlights - Fast forward to functionalities

Fund and share NBS project allows users to get to know about crowdfunding in general and to
showcase their projects to the world while having an opportunity to view other NBS projects
posted by other NBS initiators.

Gain personalized insights by picking your role into the pathway of our project activities that can
help you to guide your project or idea!