15-12-2021 / hannes.schwaiger

Regreen fact sheets – showcasing inspiring NBS from across Europe

Showcasing inspiring examples of Nature Based Solutions (NBS) from cities around Europe to serve as a reference on NBS planning and implementation can be a common practice in some European projects. However, a description of the process to obtain the necessary data is not usually included in the final output. This differentiates REGREEN’s fact sheets, as we show the process that was pursued to get to the end result! The fact sheets showcase 13  inspiring  NBS  applied  case studies, covering the following topics: Biodiversity (two fact sheets: 1,2); Governance (two fact sheets: 1,2); Health and Wellbeing; Education; Water  Quality  ImprovementFlood  MitigationNoise  MitigationHeat  MitigationAir  Quality  ImprovementBusiness  Activation;  and  Urban  Design  Elements.  A guide range of NBSs case typologies are covered; such as green roofs, restoration projects, urban forests or artificial wetlands. 

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