Deliberative Valuation Workshops in European Urban Living Labs

28-04-2023 / hannes.schwaiger

Deliberative Valuation Workshops in European Urban Living Labs

At REGREEN, we are wrapping up the Deliberative Valuation Method (DVM) workshops in our European Urban Living Labs and we are looking forward to analyzing the rich results! At the beginning of May, we will host the last two workshops with ca. 50 citizens from Velika Gorica, discussing tree cover, park accessibility, water features and green roofs.

The DVM workshops aim to generate improved economic valuations of Nature-Based Solutions benefits in urban and peri-urban settings compared to conventional monetary valuation approaches. This is achieved through a novel merge between large-scale monetary survey techniques and small-scale group deliberation, allowing for consideration of the social context of participants and group dynamics.

The DVM approach provides space for participants to make individual statements, learn from each other, and deliberate their wishes and perceptions regarding the physical surroundings of their city and neighborhood. By using mixed quantitative and qualitative methods, including stated monetary valuation techniques and in-depth discussion groups, DVM contributes to the assessment of the totality of benefits of restored urban ecosystems.

The DVM is used for verifying the existence and quantifying the extent of preferences towards specific types of NBS (Nature Based Solutions) interventions across Urban Living Labs. By providing decision-makers and planners with a better understanding of motivations and wishes of citizens, we aim to create more livable and sustainable urban environments.

Stay tuned for more updates as we analyse the data from the DVM workshops!