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China 08.02.2024

Report: REGREEN Workshop in China

by Richard Hardiman For the first time since the beginning of the REGREEN project, REGREENERs were able to meet our Chinese colleagues face-to-face at a joint International Workshop on “REGREEN: Nature- Based Solutions for Smart, Green

Final Conference 07.02.2024

REGREEN 5th Newsletter overview

Welcome to the 5th and final newsletter from REGREEN! REGREEN is about fostering nature-based solutions for an equitable, healthy and green urban transition in both China and Europe. 20 partners from China and Europe have worked

Report on Interactive Walkable Floor maps 06.02.2024

Report on Interactive Walkable Floor maps

by Jeppe Læssøe, Jeplae Consulting Ultimo 2021 an interdisciplinary group of researchers and urban planners began developing Interactive Walkable Floor maps (IWF) as a platform intended to scaffold governance processes as well as learning on NBS

Selection of REGREEN highlights 06.02.2024

Selected REGREEN highlights by objectives

by Hans-Peter Ellmer, JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH Please find here a selection of REGREEN highlights such as papers, tools, different kind of research outputs and results etc. For further information please click here.

Baseline indicators 06.02.2024

Report: Baseline indicators

by Julius Knopp, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ Over the course of the REGREEN project, we have reviewed and worked on many different aspects of nature-based solutions; their respective ecosystem services and polices for

Screenshot Decision Support Tool; REGREEN nature solutions platform 06.02.2024

Report: Business development and decision support

by Francesca Tedeschini and Hans-Peter Ellmer, JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH To promote the implementation of NBS in cities, it is key to empower a diverse range of stakeholders and to identify and demonstrate successful replicable cases.

Spatial outputs for noise model (left hand side) and water flow model ANaRM (right hand side) 05.02.2024

Report: Spatial modelling of ecosystem services

by Laurence Jones, UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology Cities are complex places where people interact with green and blue spaces (in a mixed built-natural structure) on a day-to-day basis. For many reasons, a lot of

Overview 03.05.2023

REGREEN 4th Newsletter overview

REGREEN is now already in its final year. We conclude end of February 2024 and look forward to presenting our insights, tools and guidances to bringing high quality nature into cities and to discussing challenges at our

Credit: Paris Region Institute 03.05.2023

Technical day: renaturing cities

As part of the REGREEN project, IPR organised an online technical day dedicated to the renaturation of cities on 31 January 2023 to accompany the release of its guide “Renaturating cities: methods, examples and recommendations”. The

Sustaining cities, naturally 27.04.2023

Webinar – Sustaining Cities Naturally

Urbanisation is one of the key drivers for degrading ecosystems. By 2030, cities are expected to cover three times as much land as they did in 2000, with much of the expansion occurring in biodiversity hotspots.

REGREEN @ URBIO		27.04.2023


At the hybrid URBIO 2022 International Conference (Integrating Biodiversity in Urban Planning and Design Processes), we co-hosted the special session Blue-green infrastructures and nature-based solutions for resilient cities and contributed with 3 out of 6 presentations

Illustration of three comparable land cover mapping based on three different methodological approaches 27.04.2023

Tools and guidelines for mapping and modelling procedures

In REGREEN, we develop and utilize a diverse range of mapping and modeling techniques to evaluate the ecosystem services (ES) provided by nature-based solutions (NBS). This report (D3.4 REGREEN) presents an overview of the mapping and

EURESFO 2022 in Athens, Greece 27.04.2023

Transition Workshop at EURESFO 2022 in Athens, Greece

The Transition Workshop was held at the 9th European Resilience Forum (EURESFO), hosted by the Municipality of Athens, and organised by ICLEI, on the 15th of September 2022. It brought together more than 60 stakeholders from

Book cover of publication by Anne-Caroline Prévot 27.04.2023

Medal given to REGREEN member, Anne-Caroline Prévot, MNHN

The 30th of November, 2022, Anne-Caroline Prévot became “chevalier” of the French national “ordre du mérite”, which is the second French National order to honor French citizens – it rewards distinguished merits acquired either in a

Participants of the Aarhus Trip 27.04.2023

Nature-based Solutions in the field: a journey to the Aarhus ULL

As October’s project meeting drew to a close, Aarhus municipality led an informative field tour around several key sites, showcasing different interpretations and implementations of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS). From the wide expanse of the restored lake,

credit: Craig Vodnik, Unsplash 27.04.2023

New paper: A typology for urban Green Infrastructure

The open access paper published in the journal Nature-based Solutions sets out a typology of urban Green Infrastructure which aims to help design and plan new Green Infrastructure. The paper was led by Prof Laurence Jones

Chinese ULLs from observations in 2020 to 2030 scenario estimations 27.04.2023

A European-Chinese Exploration Part 2

Urban Ecosystem Service Patterns, Processes, and Contributions to Environmental Equity under Different Scenario In WP 3, the impact of urbanization on land cover and its subsequent effect on ecosystem services (ES) is a significant concern for

COP 15 Montreal 26.04.2023

COP15, December 2022, Montreal, Canada

The 7th Summit for Subnational Governments & Cities constitutes an unprecedented global milestone to welcome significantly strengthened contributions from subnational governments and cities to the new post-2020 global biodiversity framework. This official parallel event to COP15,

Nature-Based Solutions Education Network (NBS EduWORLD) 26.04.2023


The launch of the Nature-Based Solutions Education Network (NBS EduWORLD) project under Horizon Europe is an exciting development for researchers, educators, practitioners, and even sports community members who are passionate about creating engaging educational resources that

Walkable floormaps in Velika Gorica ULL on display in the tourist information centre 26.04.2023

REGREEN’s Walkable Floormaps in different European ULLs

  Floormaps have become an important tool for training and awareness raising among children and in the educational setting. In addition, the floormaps have shown great potential in governance. In spring 2022 and in collaboration with

Ellen Banzhaf 30.11.2022


Several scientists introduced their investigations at the Conference of URBIO-International Network Urban Biodiversity and Design: “Integrating Biodiversity in Urban Planning and Design Processes”, 28-30 November 2022 in Leipzig, Germany. ( We brought in different perspectives to

Urban Eco-explorer App 22.11.2022

Urban Eco-explorer App from REGREEN 

By Wanben WU, Fudan University, and Ellen Banzhaf, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ, 22.11 2022 The collaboration between Fudan University team in China and Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research — UFZ in Germany has

News "Walkable-floor-map-event-in-Aarhus" 04.04.2022

Walkable floor map event in Aarhus, Denmark

Last Tuesday, on March 29, researchers from Aarhus University (environmental sciences, pedagogy, education) and UFZ (Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung) in Leipzig, along with Aarhus Municipality’s Department of Construction and Environment – presented a large walkable floor map

Greenopolis 24.02.2022

Greenopolis as educational digital platform is now ready to use!

The REGREEN deliverable “D.5.2 Implementation of educational digital platform” has been finalised. Greenopolis is a learning platform about healthy and liveable cities. Your Natur Guide, e-Boti, introduces you to urban development, climate challenges, and nature-based solutions.

Overview 17.12.2021

REGREEN 3rd Newsletter overview

REGREEN is now slightly more than half-way. Despite Covid lock-downs, partial openings and different regulations across Europe and China, a multitude of activities, research and outreach is happening. Below you’ll find an overview of what latest

Greenopolis 17.12.2021


By Stine Casparij Kondrup, INTUGREEN   REGREEN will be launching the educational platform ‘Greenopolis’ in the beginning of 2022. In Greenopolis, we follow the character e-Boti in its exploration of solutions to fight the consequences of

Mentary Assessment 16.12.2021

Ecological Momentary Assessment

By Prince Michael Amegbor & Clive Sabel, Aarhus University. REGREEN 3rd Newsletter, Dec. 2021  You may have heard green and blues spaces in urban areas have the capacity to improve mental health and wellbeing. Is that

Educational 16.12.2021

Educational activities and resources

By/ Sally Anderson/AU, Jeppe Læssøe/Jeplae, Gertrud Esbensen/AU, Stine C. Kondrup/Intugreen, Fredrika Mårtensson/SLU, Åsa Sang Ode/SLU, Simon Benauteau/MNHN, Mara Sierra Jimenez/MNHN, Anne-Caroline Prevot, MNHN   REGREEN works across a range of approaches on children’s interaction with nature,

EURESFO 13.12.2021

REGREEN attending Europen Urban Resilience Forum

EURESFO has become widely known as the leading platform for discussing climate change and the resilience of cities in the EU. This year, the EUROSFO hosted by the city of Malmö in Sweden, known for its

REGREEN Field Trips 06.12.2021

REGREEN Field trips to NBS sites in Paris region

The Regional Biodiversity Agency of Paris region (ARB îdF, part of l’Institut Paris Region) is one of six Urban Living Labs in REGREEN. ARB îdF hosted the fifth REGREEN project meeting from September 13 to 17,

Walkable floor maps 01.12.2021

Walkable floor maps in REGREEN

Walkable floor maps consist of aerial photos / satellite images and, as such, present a static view of a study area. These maps become dynamic through the use of QR codes that tell stories about present

High resolution mapping for the city of Velika Gorica 30.11.2021

High resolution mapping for the city of Velika Gorica

The available remote sensing and spatial data for the different ULLs in REGREEN are far from consistent. Thus, the mapping routines for tasks drivers and pressures and mapping and modelling ecosystem services have to be adapted

Podcast Episode #4 07.10.2021

New Podcast #4 about the ULL Paris Region available now

This episode #4 explores the French capital region with ecologist Marc Barra, from the Institut Paris Region, and with hydraulic engineer Eric Chanal, general director of the SIAH, Mixed union for the Hydraulic Development of the

REGREEN podcast series 23.09.2021

REGREEN podcast is alive

The REGREEN podcast explores the concept of nature-based solutions, and how these solutions can help accelerate the transition towards equitable, green, and healthy cities in Europe and in China. The episodes tune in on why it

Screenshot, Global Climathon Event  17.11.2020

Climathon Rijeka 2020 Green infrastructure

By Sandra Vlašić, Green Energy Cooperative, Coratia The City of Rijeka in Croatia took part in the Global Climathon Event on the weekend – November 13-14th thus contributed to a global climate movement happening at the

EEA Report 05.11.2020

The EEA Urban Adaptation Report No 12/2020

The EEA assessment report presents the status quo of adaptation to climate change at the local government level, with particular focus on cities. The assessment gives an overview of climate risks to cities, types of adaptation

REGREEN 02.11.2020

Pressures and challenges in REGREEN Chinese ULLS

REGREEN aims to address urban challenges in China by i) assessing and mapping drivers and pressures; ii) modelling ecosystem services provided by Nature-Based Solutions in a holistic and systemic way and iii) valuing the contribution of

Virtual Meeting 30.10.2020

REGREEN’s virtual project meeting in April 2020

Much has changed since we started planning our 1st project meeting in REGREEN – a 4-day meeting to be held in Paris in April 2020. People work from home, gatherings are limited, squares are half-empty, there

REGREEN 13.10.2020

REGREEN and the influence of COVID-19

By Vasileios Latinos and Asa Sang, August 2020 The REGREEN project works intensively with its three European Urban Life-Labs (ULLs), Aarhus (DK), Paris Region (FR) and Velika Gorica (CR). The three ULLs differ in scale and


Greening Cities Shaping Cities

The proposed GREENING CITIES-SHAPING CITIES symposium (to be held at the Politecnico di Milano, Department of Architecture and Urban Studies, DASTU) aims to address how greening strategies such as the integration of nature and Nature-based Solutions (NBS) into the

Video: "Nature-based solutions: a new ecological term" 14.09.2020

Video: “Nature-based solutions: a new ecological term”

Technology alone cannot save the planet from climate change. Therefore, as soon as the expression of nature based solutions appeared, it was quickly recognized by everyone. Nature based solutions and Xi Jinping’s ecological civilization thought and


Greening Cities Shaping Cities

The symposium (to be held at the Politecnico di Milano, Department of Architecture and Urban Studies, DASTU) aims to address how greening strategies such as the integration of nature and Nature-based Solutions (NBS) into the built environment

Source:  We Value Nature 19.06.2020

We Value Nature interactive training

All businesses depend and impact on nature. Through understanding and considering the risks and opportunities created by nature, businesses can make better decisions that benefit themselves, society and the planet as a whole. By guiding you

Source: 19.06.2020

European Business & Nature Summit 2020

The European Business and Nature Summit (EBNS) will reconvene in Brussels on 8 and 9 December 2020 to strengthen the growing movement of companies across Europe and beyond that are putting nature and people at the

urban tree 08.05.2020

Which trees reduce air pollution best?

We are proud to inform you that the research work of our REGREEN colleague Prof. Jun Yang, an urban ecologist from the Center for Earth System Science, Tsinghua University, in Beijing, was highlighted in the article

More 25.03.2020

URP 2020 call for papers is open!

By Ellen Banzhaf, WG Geomatics, March 2020 The call for abstracts for the URP2020  is open! Deadline for abstract submission: 31 May 2020. For more information please click here.

post 2020 10.03.2020

2020 and beyond, a decisive decade for biodiversity

By Vasileios Latinos, ICLEI, January 2020 A new report exploring the future of cities released by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre states that public space makes up 2-15 percent of land in European city centres.

china city 10.03.2020

China and Nature-Based Solutions

By Richard Hardiman, January 2020 China is co-lead, together with New Zealand, of the Climate Action Summit’s Nature-based Solutions (NBS) action area and Mr. Xie Zhenhua, former head of China’s climate change office announced nine action

events 10.03.2020

REGREEN already attending NBS sister projects’ events

Photo by Vasileios Latinos, ICLEI; Urban EU-China Final Event, Brussels, December 2019 December was a busy month for REGREEN team! Right before the start of holidays season, 2 must attend events being of high relevance for

ulls 10.03.2020

About REGREEN Urban Living Labs activities

The three European Urban Living Labs (ULLs) -Aarhus, Paris region and Velika Gorica – form the basis for many of the activitives that are taking place within REGREEN, serving as testbeds for developed methods and tools.

kick off 09.03.2020

Get to know REGREEN project!

By Pia Frederiksen & Marianne Zandersen, January 2020 The European project REGREEN, entitled “Fostering nature-based solutions for equitable, green and healthy urban transitions in Europe and China” is funded by the European Horizon 2020 programme. The

team 25.11.2019

REGREEN kicking-off in Aarhus!

Following long preparations, the kick-off meeting of H2020 project REGREEN took place in Aarhus from 22-25 of October. 16 European project partners and one of the four Chinese, gathered in a colorful setting of Aarhus landmark



REGREEN Final Conference
28.11.2023, 9 am - 29.11.2023, 5 pm / REGREEN Final Conference, Brussels

REGREEN – Final Conference 28-29 November 2023, Brussels

SAVE THE DATE! REGREEN (Fostering nature-based solutions for smart, green and healthy urban transitions in Europe and China) will hold its final conference on November 28-29 2023 in Brussels, Belgium

Sustainable Places 2023
14.06.2023, 9 am - 16.06.2023, 2 pm / SP 2023

Sustainable Places Conference 2023

The 11th annual edition of Sustainable Places (SP2023) is a hybrid event with the in-person sessions hosted in Madrid, Spain. Conference Scope: Sustainability targets and climate change objectives cannot be met without addressing buildings and the


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