06-02-2024 / hannes.schwaiger

Greening horizons: transformative insights and collaborations celebrated at the “Re-greening Cities” conference

By Clotilde Mahé, ICLEI; Francesca Tedeschini, JOANNEUM RESEARCH; Rosa Castañeda Prado, European Forest Institute (EFI)

More than 120 participants, 56 speakers from 3 continents and 10 inspiring sessions: the culminating event “Re-greening Cities with Nature-Based Solutions in Europe and China – Bridging science, policy and practice” was a testimony to transformative collaborations and inspiring outcomes. Organised jointly by the Horizon 2020 projects REGREEN and CLEARING HOUSE, the conference celebrated four years of dedicated efforts in advancing sustainable urban development through Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) and fostering significant impacts on city plans and systems across Europe and China.

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