The REGREEN podcasts explore the concept of nature-based solutions, and how these solutions can help accelerate the transition towards equitable, green, and healthy cities in Europe and in China.

Nature-based solutions

Why is it important to rethink urban development, and how far are we in the research, development, and implementation of nature-based solutions?

Join Marie Yvonne Dahlfelt from Intugreen, as she interviews leading researchers, urban planners, and nature-based enterprises to get an understanding of the international research, technologies and innovations, and the possibilities in a nature-based economy.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the grant agreement No 821016.

Topics in the podcast series

Listen to this podcast, and get the latest about:
Sustainable urban development
Urban climate resilience
Nature-based economy
Urban nature planning and management

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Episode 1: Bringing nature to everybody

‘Nature-based solutions is about bringing nature to everybody’

What are nature-based solutions, and what is the REGREEN project about? In this episode we interview Senior researcher from Aarhus University, Marianne Zandersen, who is coordinating the EU Horizon2020 project, REGREEN.

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Episode 2: ULL Aarhus - water challenges and afforestation projects

‘Nature is part of the city-identity’

What climate challenges is an old city like Aarhus in Denmark facing, and how does rapid citizen growth impact sustainable urban development?

In this episode we interview Landscape Manager, Signe Marie Iversen, and Forest and Landscape Engineer, Gorm Halskov, from the REGREEN Urban Living Lab, Aarhus Municipality.

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Episode 3: Nature-based solutions and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

‘All the SDGs are covered by NBS, definitely.’

How and why are nature-based solutions interlinked with the UN Sustainable Development Goals?

In this episode, we try to find an answer to this question through a conversation with Shreya Utkarsh and Daniela Rizzi, respectively Officer and Senior for Nature-Based Solutions, Green Infrastructures and Biodiversity at ICLEI Europe.

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