UrbanbyNature Chinese Hub kick-off

17.11.2020, 3 pm - 17.11.2020, 6 pm /

Enhance Urban Resilience in Green and Healthy Approaches: Introducing Nature-based Solutions and the UrbanByNature programme as a Means


“Nature-based solutions as an innovative approach to urban resilience and regeneration”

Date: 17th November 2020

Time: 15:00 – 18:00 CST / 8:00 – 11:00 CET

Location: Chengdu, Sichuan Province

Language: Chinese & English

Event form: mixed onsite-online

Link: https://www.wenjuan.com/s/BnArIfM/ (bilingual)


The global outbreak of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 makes it clearer than ever that human and planetary health are closely connected. The health of an ecosystem fundamentally impacts its ability to provide services that humans vitally rely on. And as COVID-19 outbreak demonstrates, cities are on the frontline of pandemics and residents are facing devastating health and economic impacts. Today’s crisis creates an urgent need for an in-depth reflection on the relationship between human beings and nature, and how we can build cities that value nature as the central source of human well-being and environmental health.

The international community has increasingly recognized the value of nature in strengthening our society’s and economy’s resilience. In particular, the European Commission has made nature-based solutions (NBS) an integral part of its Horizon 2020 program for research and innovation. ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability is working with cities, academia and civil society to implement NBS projects funded under the framework of Horizon 2020 such as Connecting Nature and CLEVER Cities. While the Connecting Nature project focuses on leveraging NBS for urban water and climate resilience, the CLEVER Cities project uses NBS as a means to improve public health, enhance social cohesion and increase economic opportunities.

ICLEI is delighted to take the opportunity of the 4th High-Level International Forum on Sustainable Urban Development held in Chengdu in November 2020 to share with city leaders, practitioners and researchers from China and worldwide the cutting-edge NBS knowledge and practice in order to achieve more sustainable and resilient cities. In addition, participants will be introduced to UrbanByNature – a facilitated capacity-building programme for aspiring urban nature pioneers. The programme is powered by ICLEI with contributions by more than 60 partners (cities, researchers, practitioners and experts) from both Connecting Nature and CLEVER Cities projects, and hosted by CitiesWithNature.

Successfully launched and implemented in Brazil, Korea and the Caucasus, UrbanByNature was designed with funding of the Connecting Nature project and will be further developed within the CLEVER Cities project. This event will inaugurate the programme’s roll-out in China to support local governments in co-creating, delivering and integrating NBS into urban planning, policy-making, investment opportunities and existing infrastructure to enhance urban resilience and maximize synergies between ecosystem conservation and human well-being. The results of the panel discussion will be used to tailor the UrbanByNature programme to the particular needs and interests of Chinese local governments and other stakeholders. Participants are invited to share their experiences concerning the current status quo of NBS proliferation in their cities.


  • Introducing nature-based solutions (NBS) as a new approach in improving urban resilience and sustainability
  • Connecting European and Chinese cities in NBS innovation and implementation via good practice sharing and interactive discussions on policy development around NBS and green infrastructure
  • Analyzing enablers and obstacles of applying NBS in Chinese urban contexts and integrating NBS into local agendas
  • Inviting participants to join the UrbanByNature programme

Organized by: ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI) East Asia Secretariat

In coordination with: China Center for Urban Development (CCUD) & United Nations Human Settlements (UN-Habitat)

Supported by: ICLEI World Secretariat & ICLEI European Secretariat

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